About Us

Super Apprentice burst on the scene in early 2007 and was instantly recognized as being something new, fresh, and exciting. There have been many sites through the years that have come and gone faster than the blink of an eye. It begs the question, "How has Super Apprentice managed to stay fresh, useful, and relevant all these years when other sites haven't or couldn't?" The answer is simple actually. We aren't here to show you how to make the fast dollar, the get rich quick schemes, or any tomfoolery like that - we're dedicated, instead, to showing you how to start a legitimate and thriving small business from home/online, using your computer, and some fantastic resources available within the Super Apprentice Membership portal.

This business is unlike any other business or course out there in that it's dedicated to giving you the information you need, an arsenal of tools to get the job done, and the guidance to help you apply them correctly.

Try to find more than a handful of other mentoring sites that have stood the test of time. You won't find many, and often for good reason. Most teaching sites like this one never make it through the first year, let alone 4 or 5 years! Here we are in 2012 with both feet firmly planted on the ground and we're only getting better with time! We are still introducing new material, new tools, and fresh ideas for our members and will continue this trend!

We've recently done a major overhaul to our user interface, added an impressive new suite of tools, and will continue to bring you even more powerful options as we go on and as the industry continues to evolve. We're here to help you assure your success. We've made what used to be a confusing and challenging endeavor something that you can take and run with easily! We're always ahead of the curve and thinking of your success. We're not separate from our members, we also use these tools and always will. Our suite of new tutorial guide books, options, tools, bonuses, and more, are the result of thousands of man hours and countless insights into where the industry is going, what our members need, and how to best reach your goals in the making money online business.

A very large number of our members have been with us since day one! They've tried other sites, sure, but always came back to Super Apprentice! Plain and simple, it works. Not only do our training materials work and give you a fighting chance, but our support is one of the best in the industry.

Let me ask you a question. How many times have you purchased a product or service, needed IMMEDIATE help, but either found it next to impossible to get a response the same day, or you found yourself waiting for something that wasn't coming? You won't get that kind of treatment here. Our support staff is punctual, fast, and on it. We know when you have a problem, a question, or need clarification- you don't have time to sit around and wait days or weeks for an answer. We can't promise instant replies, but we can and do promise you'll never wait more than 24 hours for an answer and often even within a few hours on the weekdays! You will always get an answer that is complete, articulate, and useful to you.

The problem is often that there are far too many sites selling what they claim are ways to make the big money, fast, or even instantly, when in reality they know these things are likely impossible without putting in the time and having the right resources to do it. They tend to only care about making THEMSELVES money, not those that signed up to their program/membership.

At Super Apprentice we care about YOU making money, YOU learning the industry, and helping YOU to reach YOUR goals for making money online in a very realistic and sustainable way. We're not interested in half truths and ridiculous claims. We spend our time trying to stay, and keep you, ahead of the curve. We understand that your success is paramount and we even offer something most other sites never do- access to the site owner, the business proprietor, Dave Kelly. When you post in the forum you can write directly to the owner and you can also private message the owner. For most sites like this that is unheard of.

Don't take even our words for it- Sign up, give the site a spin for a few days before committing (free 3 day test drive), and see for yourself! It's really that simple. Put us to the real test- get in there and talk to the other members, see the tools, play around in the Super Apprentice interface, create some projects and trust your own eyes and ears. We'd love to help you succeed in the world of online marketing. There are so many choices of how you can make money online and we've tapped into, show you how to utilize, and give you the tools to succeed in the best of them. We look forward to seeing you in the forum! Don't be afraid to ask questions, our members are as helpful as we are, we are after all, a community as well!