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Tips to Success In Online Marketing - The REAL Secrets to Making Money Online

Some Fail . . . Some Succeed . . . Why?

Why is it that some people have become very successful in their online endeavors, while others -- most, in fact -- have failed miserably? As you know, there is a high failure rate in this industry, and lots of people are desperate to get off the never-ending treadmill of defeat after defeat.

There are four main reasons why some succeed while others fail to make any money online:

1. No Measurable Goals. If you don't know what you want to accomplish, how do you know when you have done it? You might be shocked to find out just how many people think they can be a success but who have no goals -- measurable goals -- they are trying to meet.

2. No Plan of Action. No general would wage war without a battle plan. No business (online or offline) can win the "war" without a battle plan either. Ask yourself these questions: Do you know, step-by-step, what you need to do to achieve your goals? What will you do over the next year? What must you do in the next six months, or next 30 days? Your plan of action should tell you that. Not having an actionable plan is a sure recipe for disaster.

3. Lack of Organization. Did you ever notice that most business leaders are well-organized people? They have the information and resources that they need, at their fingertips. Minutes spent in digging around for what you can't find are minutes lost. Productive people are successful people, and productive people are organized. How about you?

Here's the Biggie as to why some people make money and others don't:

4. The fourth reason that people are not successful in online marketing is the biggest one of all: Looking for instant results. Check online and see if we are correct: Almost 100% of these "guru" claims include the promise that you will see results -- significant results -- right away. That's just foolishness. In the REAL WORLD no one has overnight success.

We'd like to clear the air here: If you are going to be successful in making money online, you will have to WORK at it. You will need GOALS, a PLAN to achieve those goals, an organized and efficient approach and PATIENCE. This is the truth, the rest is just noise.

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